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"Fake Followers Deep Cleanse"
How to Find, Destroy, and Avoid Fake Followers on Instagram
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Instagram has a user base that has climbed up to over 1 billion active accounts since it's launch in 2010 and as a top social platform shows no sign of stopping there. Just as one might assume however, a percentage of those 1 billion users are not actual people utilizing the platform but are bots or other fake accounts created for a variety of (not so great) profit driven purposes.

Fake users/followers do more harm than good and in the long run can be rather destructive to your account, your reputation, and your brand or business overall. Fake follower counts trick people into thinking they have a greater reach than they actually do and disservice brands by directing them to the wrong influencers for promoting their products or services.

Consider viewing fake accounts as you would an unhealthy bacteria or unwanted illness, a virus that could infect your whole system if you're not careful. Choosing to see these "users" in this way will help demonstrate the importance of keeping your account clear of them and will help build your brand's following in an organic, healthy, and sustainable way. Sometimes fake users make their way into your follower count whether through conscious decision or involuntary happenstance and thus a detox is in order. A full system cleanse or purge if you will to get yourself back into position for lasting success and real, valuable engagement.

That being said, a fake follower check and Instagram detox whether for your account or someone else's, doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be nearly as intense or time consuming as a cleanse you might do for your body or even your computer. Clearing your account of fake followers is really rather simple with just a bit of proper guidance.

Most important is first, knowing exactly what to look for.

7 things to look for when conducting your Instagram cleanup, the "Fake Follower Cleanse" Checklist:

Low Engagement rate: When your engagement rate is very low.
This is how you calculate engagement rate: take the last 15-20 posts count how many Likes you have and divide it by the number of posts. Average number of Likes/ Number of followers= Engagement Rate
This is an estimated calculation for a "healthy" engagement rate:

If you have less than 1k followers-your engagement rate should be between 8%-10%

1k-10k- A "healthy" engagement rate: If you have less than 1k followers-your engagement rate should be between 4%-5%

10k-100k "healthy" engagement rate: If you have less than 1k followers-your engagement rate should be between 2%-3%

100k and above- 1% is considered to be an avarage engagement rate.

Follower floods: If someone suddenly gains 10,000 new followers overnight, there's a good possibility those followers are fake.

Follower droughts: Similarly, if you see that an account suddenly lost 10,000 followers overnight, this could mean that Instagram deactivated a lot of their fake followers.

Location of followers: If an account's followers don't relate in some way to their own location and account theme, those followers might have been paid for. For example, if an account is for a local restaurant based in Cape Town and most of their followers are from Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey that should be a red flag.

Account content: If an account's followers don't have any posts themselves, haven't posted in years, or don't even have a profile picture, those followers are most likely fake or hacked inactive accounts.

Usernames: While it may not be as common, accounts with suspicious usernames that contains more than 3 digits are a pretty good indicator of a fake user.

Character of followers: If a chef from Chicago is mostly being followed by Spanish supermodels and Russian bodybuilders, there's a good chance that those followers were purchased.

How to "Cleanse" your Account of Fake Followers
Now that you know how to spot fake users and fake followers it's time to clear these accounts from yours. There are two ways to remove them from your feed.process of actually removing fake followers from your account

The Hard way:

  1. First you will want to make a list (screenshots with highlights or circles work too) of all the fake followers you want to remove. This will help you make sure all the followers flagged during your check actually get removed your account.

  2. Tap on the "followers" text displayed at the top of your Instagram profile. This will open up a list of all the users following your account.

  3. Tap on the 3 dots to the right of the "Follow" button across from each flagged user and choose "Block".

  4. That's it! Enjoy your clean and clear Instagram account.

The Easy Way:

Let us do it for you!

Two Fellas Media has an In-house software that will automatically filters and removes all the fake users on your profile.
How to avoid fake followers in the first place
Doing an Instagram detox is one way to clean up your follower base. Another faster and much simpler way is to avoid accumulating fake followers to begin with.

The majority of people who end up with this problem of fake followers find themselves there as a result of buying followers in bulk from sketchy services online with no regard for what those followers look like or a bad usage of hashtags.

Taking the time to create content relevant to your brand or account theme and selectively engaging with your target audience is the surest way to avoid funneling a mass of fake followers to your account. If you're not sure how you would find the time to do so with your busy schedule there are alternatives outside of buying followers that will help you quickly grow your following with real, active and engaged users. The best alternative by far is the use of automation or an organic growth optimization service like INSTABOOST

Be mindful about the hashtags that you choose to use on your posts, once you choose hashtags like: #like4like, #follow4follow, or general hashtags like: #love #yoga #business and etc will attract random users to your profile.

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